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Guitar lessons

All lessons are given at Maple Street Guitars in Buckhead.


Sam McPherson - Guritar - Atlanta GA

Sam teaches exclusively at Maple Street Guitars in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

"I wanted to pass along my thoughts.  It is no secret that you are a gifted guitar player, but not everyone who can "do" can also teach...  You are a great teacher in addition to being a great player... You managed to make me a good enough player that I could play in front of more than 50 of my friends and family and not embarrass myself..."
D.K. (student)

Every student is unique. What works well for one will not even come close with another. I see myself as being hired by the student to teach them to play as quickly as possible and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. I literally have thousands of songs transcribed and use these to provide the student with resources for developing technique, fret-board knowledge and ultimately building a repertoire that will allow them to share their talents with others.

We're having a bit of a challenge in offering an index of my transcriptions. As soon possible one will be posted.

Email me with any questions.

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